Banana Peel 16" x 20" Enhanced Matte Poster

$32.00 Coming Soon

Created to release an old memory from it's unspoken existence, this confessional poster dives deep to reflect on teenage mischief and sexual transgressions.

Three whimsical skeletons play Yahtzee and honor a spent banana peel in a blooming, moist, technicolor hydrangea garden of the mind. The text reads:

"All I think about now is the banana peel
doffed to the side, resting on the fat ledge
of the basement sofa.

But at the time I had forgotten about it,
focused on the delicate and shifting
social dynamic as his mother descended
into our damp teenage haven when,
just like that, the peel was in her hand,
flopping with gesticulations from an
unrelated conversation.

Earlier I had blessed the fruit
with my own disappearing magic
under the covers, then stripped it
of its' skin and ate it.
Having my boldness instantly eclipsed by the
quick tidying hand of his mother was the best part."